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First few days

Arrived in France after something like 30 hours of flying! Very happy that I chose to fly business class with Emirates. Was able to drink champagne, nibble on 3 course meals, sleep flat and of course enjoy the lounges during my stop-overs in Sydney and Dubai.

Picked up my little black Peugot from Nice airport and immdiately faced a round-about, the trickiest road challenge when swapping from left to right hand drive. Waited for a car to go round to be sure I got the right direction. Drove about 45 mins to the village of Fayance. Stayed that first night with Lyndy Adlam and her husband Dom and daughter Ysamine, her cousin Christine was also staying with them. Dinner and wine followed by a sleeping pill and an early night.

Slept quite well. Spent the morning at the market in Fayance. Ended up sitting outside a cafe with 5 Kiwis and 5 Poms....strange start to 7 weeks in France! After lunch hit the road and drove to Beaulieu, which is 20km east of Montpelier. Will stay here with my good friends Bea and Serge for the next week.

Started Easter Sunday with a special treat from Alsace. A small cake/bread baked in a mold in the shape of a lamb. We then drove an hour to the village of Barjac where we wandered around an enormous 2nd hand market. 100's of stalls and all sorts of wares for sale. A few things caught my eye but all gigantic and heavy, way to difficult to squeeze into a suitcase. Home in time for dinner and a movie then to bed.

Just waiting for my birthday to start at lunch time!

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50 years

Managed to have one a a half days of birthday celebrations. Started to coincide with midnight NZ time with champagne, fois gras and chocolate...nice! Sadly, the 2nd here in Beaulieu was kind of overcast and cold. Happily, perfect weather for shopping. Bea had a meeting she had to go to in the afternoon so she dropped me at the Odyseum, a giant mall thing just out of Montpelier. Yep...shoes and clothes galour! First stop a pair of comfortable but nice boots. Then a skirt, top and jacket...happiness! Also got myself a local sim card for local phone calls.

Ended the afternoon drinking tea and eating little pastry things...mmmmm!

In the evening more champagne , fois gras and chocolate...perfect. Bea and I ended the day being ridiculous in front of her computer messing around with her photo software...see for yourselves.....Photo_du_02-04-13___22_15.jpglarge_Photo_du_02-04-13___21_59.jpgPhoto_du_02-04-13___21_57.jpg

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Searching for my prince in Sommieres

Woke to a gorgeous day, took advantage of the sun to get some washing dry! Sat in the sun with the cat enjoying being able to just relax.

Enjoyed lunch on the terrace under the olive tree.

In the afternoon we visited the medievil town of Sommieres. Wandering the tiny little streets and winding our way upwards to the Chateau at the top of the hill. Searched every nook and cranny for a prince...but none to be found!
Even tried a second chateau in the neighbouring village of Villeveille...no prince there either!

Ah well, always another bottle of champagne to be enjoyed!

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Visiting country-side around Montpellier

A cloudy day with passing showers. After a slow start to the morning Bea and I headed off on a trip that took us through the country-side around Montpellier. The first village we visited was St Martin de Londres. First stop was the boulangerie to buy some lunch snacks to nibble on while we wandered up and down the tiny little streets between the houses ending up at the church at the top.

Next village was St Jean de Bueges. We climbed up the hill to check out the Chateau, but sadly got caught in a downpour so didn't hang around. Scampered down the the wine tasting shop only to discover that it had shut an hour earlier! So just a photo of the vines, which are not yet coming to life after winter.

The final village visited for the day was St Guillem. A village that borders a small stream with a single road winding from the bottom of the valley to the top. On arriving we immediately took shelter in the shops from the showers. Some amazing displays of sweets and local produce in the first shop. We then decided to stop for crepes...I had a glass of wine with mine much to the amusement of our waitress! Once the shower cleared we wandered up and down the road.

Home quite late, champagne before dinner, red wine with dinner...all good!

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Quiet days in Beaulieu

Have had a couple of very quiet days. Spent yesterday mucking around the house. Moved some furniture around to make more room in my bedroom. In the afternoon took the back roads to a house and garden expo out near the airport. Wandered around checking out the latest trends. All in all though a very sad affair. Not very many businesses touting their wares and even fewer people wandering around. Interesting looking at the different styles of construction, completely different than on NZ. Latest fad here is to use wood as the material for construction, radical stuff in the land of limestone.

Managed to buy a full set of my favourite cutlery...hmm how to get it home? Will probably post it. Also very taken by some paintings done by a local woman, (can't seem to pinch a photo from her website so if you're interested her website is: http://nicoledimeo.free.fr ) might look at buying one and getting it sent home when I pass back through this way in about a month.

So today had plans to go to the market at Sommieres and then into Montpellier proper this afternoon. However, it has been pouring with rain solidly all day and the temperature hasn't got above 8 °C so I haven't ventured outside at all. Instead have been researching the next phase of my trip and organising to stay with people along the way.

Hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow and we'll be able to get out and about!

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